Hackdemonium is a hackathon designed to inspire and empower young coders to pursue and develop their programming skills. Over the course of 48+ hours, teams of 1-4 participants will work to develop a software project that helps to solve a real-world problem.

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  • Any person from grades 6-12 (or international equivalent) can participate
  • People with all levels of coding experience are welcome
  • Teams can be made of 1-4 people
  • International participants welcome


  • Submit your project; whether it may be an app, website, video game, etc. on Devpost.
  • In addition to your project files, please submit a pitch video that explains the problem that you are addressing, how your project solves the problem, the obstacles you faced, your next steps, and any other additional details. Please see our presentation guide for more details and tips.

Hackathon Sponsors


$114,062 in prizes

First Prize

Playstation classic console with 20 classic games pre-installed

Second Prize

AKASO A31 drone with camera

Third Prize

3D phone screen magnifier with bluetooth speakers

Best UI/UX Hack

1 coupon for $25 in AoPS products per team member

Best Beginner Hack

A hardcover copy of The New Girl Code - The launch of a fashion app per team member

Best COVID-19 Hack

1 year of a free 1Password Families membership per team member

Best Environmental Hack

1 year of a free 1Password Families membership per team member

Best Activism Hack

1 year of a free 1Password Families membership per team member

Best AR/VR Hack (echoAR sponsor prize)

$50 Amazon gift card (per team - $50)
1-month free Business Tier access (per member - $89 * 4 max)
Featured on "inspirations" page

Most Entrepreneurial Hack (LaunchX sponsor prize)

Acceptation into the LaunchX entrepreneurship summer program
Upto $500 off the program fee

Most Real World Applicable Hack (Hestia Academy sponsor prize)

$100 to a team to continue developing their project beyond the hackathon

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
CEO of echoAR

Ravi Krishnamaneni

Ravi Krishnamaneni
Engineering Manager at Amazon

Fedor Yaremenko

Fedor Yaremenko
Senior Java Developer at Ultimeta

Shruthika Kandukuri

Shruthika Kandukuri
Engineering Student at the University of Washington

Aldrin Brillante

Aldrin Brillante
Student at Make School

Aliaksandr Shulyak

Aliaksandr Shulyak
DevOps Engineer

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity/Originality
    A creative and original project approaches a problem in an interesting and unique way, as opposed to recreating something that already exists.
  • Technical Complexity
    Technical complexity is about how much skill it would take to code the project. It also encompasses how well-written and complex the code is.
  • User Friendliness
    A user-friendly project is easy to use and understand without detailed instructions/explanations.
  • Presentation
    We will also be judging how compelling the presentation/pitch video is and how easy it was to understand your project.
  • Impact
    Impact covers how practical and effective your solution is to help solve the problem. It judges how much of a difference this solution will have to potential users.

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